May Peace be Upon You

  May Peace be upon you  tread soft on the groundMay we spread peace-  May it fall all around Peace be upon you-  To your fathers and mothersPeace be on your cousins your uncles and brothers Peace be on the sinner  Peace be on the strangerMay peace forever win you  And keep you safe from danger May peace be upon you  Like drops of light rainMay peace wash you new  Till you cease from all pain Peace to our children  Through all generationsPeace to the people  Of all lands and all nations Peace to the lost and peace to the lonely   Peace to the fearfulMay Peace find them only Peace to the Believers and the non believers  A Peace that is truecan never deceive us. Peace be to Buddha and Mohamed and Christ   May peace pave the roadTo Paradise   Peace be on your home Your workplace and schools   May peace be upon youMay peace be the rule-   Peace in your communityPeace in your land  Peace on your continentPeace we understand   Peace in Afganistan and peace in Syria-Peace In IraqTimbuktoo and Bolivia.. Peace in Paris, In London, and Cork   Peace at Ground zero,Trade  centre New York. Peace upon Cairo and on Istanbul  Peace in Nairobi and Peace in Kabul Peace be upon Gaza,  And peace upon ZionPeace to the lamb  And peace to the Lion Peace be upon Mecca  And JerusalemAnd goodwill among  all women and men Asalaam Aleikum  And Shalom Aleichem Peace be upon Russia
 and Peace be upon china  Peace we desireNo thing can be finer. Peace be upon your friends  And Peace be on your foesMay peace fill you up  From your head to your toes Peace be upon Buddhists
 Muslims Christians and Jews  Peace be on your heartMay deep peace be with you  I wish a deep peaceOn the atheists too. And peace be on your mind  And peace fill your soulMay peace make you kind  May peace make us whole

      Peace be upon those with whom you disagree

  And peace be upon your enemyMay peace be upon yesterdays battlefield  To a God of peace and mercymay we surrender and yield. And may a Holy Peace return to the earth  Like light rain from Gods skyOr Like an inner rebirthMay His peace fill your eyes  May His peace bring you Mirth Let violence not be upon you  Nor your enemyNor may it be on the Aborigine   Nor upon Gypsy , Arab-Palestinian or JewMay lasting peace guide you  in all that' you do.


May peace be upon you-  in peace let there be no lackPeace be on all colours  yellow, caucasian or black. In every prayer of your heart and all that is true  Peace be on your neighboursAnd may Peace be upon you. 



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