Many people love math and to that I ask why.

We learn about math and try not to cry.

We hear about math and try not to sleep.

However math has roots that grow deep.


It starts with Newton, oh what a guy

He’s a man who’s thoughts reached to the sky

He enhanced math just to prove a theory

Was Newton’s theory right? Relatively


Math was enhanced and thought on and studied

By all those scientist whose brains weren’t muddied

Eventually it was improved and Perfect and great

It was so wonderful they teach it in every state


Calculus was taught and comes with boom

For many high school students it means their doom

Fears and tears follow that class

For many students that sit on their…Fanny


That is where we are now

Learning calc with a wrinkle in the brow

We sit and sigh and cry and weep

And say oh please don’t let my grade go down too deep.




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