A Match Engulfed in the Heavens

“He is an animal!”

Venus screamed

in such an incredible,

yet childish way,

that the ellipses of the other gods

were reduced to hear her prattle.


“His FACE-

is that of a violent ape!”

She complained while hers

emerged a persed pink.

“My eternal energy

is spent stunting itself-


-on what?

A boorish husband

with a limp,

whose only sentimental expression

reflects feigned affection

long forgotten?”


“And whose scheme was it,

that we marry?

That mate of yours,

oh Lord,

Juno’s cagey trickery!”


“Scream not so, dear one.”

Jupiter consoled.

As he thanked the gods for Earth,

who shielded him from her constant nattering.


“I shall and will,

rattle the heavens,

oh mighty Jupiter,

until that day-


-when I am

no more

zoned by the nuptial

vow made

to that blacksmith,

that indifferent,


…he’s not even a planet!”


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