My body was  your was canvas

It turned into a work of art

The loss of blood, tears, and time

That was just the start

My beautiful black skin covered in scars- but

Layered with make-up

Caused me to lose sight of myself

Of who I used to be

As if you were yearning to beat me

Your repetitive attempts to try and keep me

Happy fell short - real short

To your attempts to bruise me

To use me, to fool me and accuse me

Until you pushed me and played me - said sorry

Then screwed me over

Your bruises came with excuses

and usually the police

Your bruising came with accusing

with no sign of relief

It came with useless commitment, blood and tears

So much time wasted over so many years

But blinded by love I stayed

with the punches, swears and binge drinking days

Nights laying in bed turning the other cheek

without you knowing crying myself to sleep

But that wasn't all

The apologizing kept multiplying

Subtracting the love

Adding the lying

The cheating and the crying

All the scars I was hiding

And the fear of us dividing

As if that was why we're fighting.

This poem is about: 
My family


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