Masquerade of My Life


Colors. Vibrant. Glitter and sparkles. The mask of a child taunts me. Its who I am. What people see is a straight face masked. Priorities. Black and White. Fleeting emotion.

Smiles. Broad. Full of white teeth. The mask of happiness is what they see. I am, I am happy.  Yet inside somber mask. Grays. Rain drops. Fog. It is the colors inside that noboy sees. I am a human too, even if I try not to be. 

White. Pure. Clean. Blemish-free. The mask of perfection tries to defeat me. Inside there are yellows, blues, and reds. Dirt. Pain. Cracks. Inside I'm like everyone else. Perfection tries to reign over me. 

I pull and yank to rip these masks off. I long to return to the ones I was born with. I fight in agony. One at a time. I return to who I am. 

It takes time. My life is a Masquerade. I must find my true masks. 


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