The Mask of Standard



I stand behind the mask of standard

Afraid to show my true identity

For if I do, it might unleash

A sort of riot about the obscenity


Upon my naked thighs

Lie scars of unnatural growth

I think they’re beautiful

But the rest of the world lets out an oath


Upon my core

Sits a vesicle of ghee

I don’t think it’s too large

But the rest of the world exclaims, “Golly”


Upon my head

Settles an untamed, blonde mane

I think it’s one-of-a-kind

But the rest of the world thinks I’m a stain


Upon my bare legs

Grows fine, light ruff

I think it’s all natural

But the rest of the world has had enough


So, I stand behind my mask of standard

Too scared to show my character

Because to the world

I’m nothing but a single creditor



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