The Mask I Wear

Every day I put on a mask, one that only I can see. 

It shields me from the outside, and keeps my personality close to me. 

I develop a skin as hard as scales and chain and lock my heart.

That is to stand up for myself, and keep my friends and I never apart. 

I’m classy, I’m sassy, I always seem to be fine,

but now I think the time has come to let my inner self shine.


The inside of my mask is where I like to hide my past,

like a soccer career, for instance, that obviously didn’t last.

A contrast from the outside, I surround myself with activity.

I may feel myself crack at times, but the stress adds to my personality.

In here I store my hobbies that round out my real image,

from cooking to travel, from nature to vinyl, and a love for all things vintage.

And while my personality may not be most interesting by far,

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets truly are.


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