the mask


I laugh to hide the tears 

I smile to mask the fear 

I jump to hide how far i've sunk

I dance to get just one more chance

I wear a mask of what you want to see

Laughing, smiling, jumping, and dancing me

But behind that mask there lies the truth

All of the things that trouble this youth

Behind the mask is the true me

Not what everyone expects to see

 I grin and dance and that is my mask

But behind this beautiful, radiant mask is the true me

The me that shows her feelings of sorrow and fear

The side you never see of me dear

People look at me and say "Why are you always so happy?"

My answer to that is to smile and look away,

Knowing that if they saw behind my  mask, their questions would not stay

Because the truth is, 

I laugh to hide the tears

I smile to mask the fears

I jump to hide how far i've sunk

And I dance to get one more chance

One more chance at this life

Hopefully now without the hurt and pain

Without the gloom and rain

Without the thunder and lightning 

and please without all of the fighting 

This all goes on behind the mask

Now you see that life for me is not  one simple dance

It is a harsh cacophony of screaming and pain, 

But most of all, thunder and rain

Behind the mask.




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