Of A Marvelous Disaster Called Us

I think the way the trees kiss the same wind

that knocks them off their roots is

as fascinating as

the woman who says goodbye to her lover

hopeful that he won't fall into the arms of another

while she herself, 

bows down to the cravings of her skin,

and the most primal needs of her soul.


find majestic the sound of dad's lips against my cheek

everynight as he whispers goodnight

and tucks me in,

turns off my light

even though I'm grown and in college

and I live two thousand

five hundred

and forty one kilometers away from home.

I know

the sunset is grand

and that you've always exalted the beauty in the sunrise

but I myself, am the kind of girl

who finds peace and marvels

in the breathtaking beauty of the lighless nights.


find stunning

the stain of her red lipstick on your white collar shirt,

I think it's purely magnificent

how you deny that you love her

every night as you stumble down the sheets with me

but every day, 

you say goodbye

and come home

smelling of her daunitng perfume.

I am astonished by the beauty of our naivete,

how we wish, and we kiss like the trees the wind,

becoming lovers with others

who will inevitably break our hearts

and tear our feet off the ground

only to let us fall once we're high up on the sky

and I,

do not understand why

there is nothing more striking in life

than trying so hard and

falling flat on your face,

your heart flatlining

at the end of this very dangerous game.


know nothing

but that the moon is wondrous

and the stars prodigious

and that someday,

I want to be like them.

There is not nothing more impressive 

than this sick love I feel for your guts

nothing more awesome than this thing

I have for your lips,

there is nothing,

not even the wind or the trees

or the peaceful darkness of my room

that fills me up more than you do.


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