the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship💍✨




A word, a choice, a commitment

Something a lot of people in my generation are afraid of


It frightens them

Shakes their very soul

Gives them cold sweats in the middle of July

Hot flashes in the beginning of Fall

“...But what about the cost”

“...You don’t have to propose to show someone you love them”

“...I can’t be tied down”


But I think

I think marriage 

The joining of two people who are utterly captivated by one another to be unexplainably beautiful 

That leap to not only conjoin your families 

But your souls

The end of a journey once walked alone

And the beginning of a journey of two wholes becoming one...

Growing up I've learnt about love,



Sometimes even little human beings are introduced into the dynamic 

And that love only grows ...

Marriage is the ultimate declaration of love 

Being so in love and making that big step is something I dreamed about since I was a little girl 

Now these two have made progress to complete just that..

Congratulations to this soon to be married couple 

May the odds never win against your black love 

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