the manzanita and the cheetah

It was a day for a manzanita.

The first drive, down the street she went,

living la dolce vita.


At the river of time, a brown-eyed cheetah,

drinking from it with purposeful intent.

It was a day for a manzanita.


Autumn days, an undisturbed Lolita,

indulging in sweet berries and their scent,

living la dolce vita.


Reveling in a candy virgin margarita,

twisting red bark and what it meant.

It was a day for a manzanita.


Candies are not today’s amrita,

but her ambition leaves her content,

living la dolce vita.


Newfound success has created Sita,

her first drive alone to her first job without lament.

It was a day for a manzanita,

but now a cheetah lives la dolce vita.


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