The many parts of me

The time has come!

My mind races as I wait to see that curtain rise. The one thing that makes me free to be whoever I wish and no one can judge me.

The heat, the bright, blinding light. The darkness of the house before me. The thinkness of the makeup, which is the reminder of who I now am.

The moment we have been waiting for, working for is now here. How could anyone not be excited?

The one chance to break away from school work, and the life that I now live. Now I become someone else.

I became a killer, traitor, witch, business woman and man, juror, maid, hippy, and many more. I have played many lives in the past seven years. But this one would be the best for me.

I have improved, and will continue to improve. For this is the one thing I live for, the one hobby that I will continue to pursue throughout my lifetime.

The making of friends from strangers through a process that we all love.

I love to take people away from the harshness of reality and to take them to the world of happy endings or the endings of historic times.

I love for the stage.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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