The Man's Reflection

The man stood in front of his mirror

As if he were searching for more 

Longing for someone to talk with 

Share his greatest feats

And crushing downfalls 


The man peered into his reflection 

With a sullen inquisitive look 

Focusing on all his imperfections 

Ignoring all his magnificent features 

And he wept once more


The man’s reflection stood confused 

Staring at the weeping man 

He spoke as the man lamented 

Showing echos of his past 

The man fell to his knees 


The man spoke with his reflection 

Like it was a portal into his soul 

Found within something unexpected

A beating, steadfast heart 

He wiped away his tears 


The man rose to his feet 

Brimming with new energy

And determination shone from his eyes 

His smile bright like stars in the night’s sky

The man’s reflection twinkled with satisfaction


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When I wrote this poem I had just started to become more self confident and self loving and I hope that if you are reading this that you love yourself and see just how amazing you truly are. Hope you readers and writers have a good night, day or afternoon!

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