A Man's Cry: I Wonder If She Even Cares


I wonder if she even cares about me?

All this name calling is wearing and tearing on my internally

My confidence level has dropped and

My the respect I have for myself is lacking

You're not the person that should be doing this to me.

We started as family, I your nephew you my aunt

Then we shifted into you being my baby sister.

Now, all I ever do when I come over there is cry.

I wonder if she even cares that she's hurting me.

Calling me worthless, calling me a punk

Yelling at me commands of take your clothes off

Isn't my idea of auntie-nephew time.

Ripping off my clothes if I'm moving to slowly

Touching me and licking me and sucking me

On an area that mommy told me

Is the "bad person touch area"

Then after I start having funny feelings and white stuff shoots out

You all of a sudden turn the tables and

Lay on your back with your clothes off

Lay on your back with your legs spread wide

Yelling at me commands of stick your tongue out...

Yelling at me commands of put your tongue in here...

Yelling at me commands of suck this right here...

Then after it's all done with, making me take an hour's worth

Of bath-time and telling me

Now you know auntie loves you right?

So no one can know about this but you and I!!!

I wonder if she even cares about

The years of nightmares shes given me!

I wonder if she even cares that

Because of her, I don't want to do anything

Sexually with any female because it only reminds me

Of those babysitting times with auntie!

But that was then, this is now and I'm a grown ass man now.

Standing at 6 feet tall 234 pounds of pure muscle at the age of 34

Walking into the church getting ready to burry you

I take one last look into your coffin, these words I say to you...



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very graphic

this reminds of a movie antwan fisher

the scenes of the little boy being sexually abused by his aunt

abuse from grandmother

can only imagine how you felt, but you persevere

despite of it, your spirits didn't break

thank you for sharing this, powerful poem

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