Mankind in dreamland by s.zaynab.kamoonpuri

Pestered and pursued  
by unknown foes  
A topsyturvy land  
where snakes can have horns  
and cows can have fangs.  
Night'mares' where the day's stallions  
make mountains out of molehills  



A chance to witness greek mythology-like creatures for real  
For dreamland tis a place for the unreal and surreal.  

Those hair-raising scary frightening dreams  
beset with horrified silent screams!  


We do try to interrupt nightmares, pinching ourselves  
With relief wake up to see there aren't any horrid elves.  
We also try to interpret dreams filled with mystery  
But gifted dream interpreters like prophet Joseph  
Are now part of biblical human history  



All in all, dreamland's fascination  
for extra-ordinary exaggeration  
and tall-tale imagination  

Where myth and legend come to life  
An amalgam of fiction or real strife  

Where assorted monsters of the mind  
reign supreme in that REM sleep of our kind.  



Yet on the other hand the wishful, wistful sweet sweet dreams  
where fantasies form mirages bordered by fanciful seams.  

Where castles in the air that humans build, float gently down to earth  
only to shoot back up unto nowhere from the awakened one's berth.  

In dreamland a pauper girl can be a princess or fairy fair  
for daydreams extend into the night and linger on there.  



A quote I took to heart and it to console all and sundry  
'that if your sweet dreams don't come true, don't you fret  
for atleast your nightmares didn't come true either,  
so just heave a sigh, by and by.  

Every night let us all just ascend and fly to escape  
And lo behold the extraordinary world of Dreamscape.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this one! 😢 its so beautiful!


Warm thanks for feedback.


Ok thanks so much for comment. 


It's beautiful. I just loved it


Thanks so much for comment.


Love it!!! The metaphors and animal comparisons are so well thought of! The ending with the dream-quote really hit home for me as well, good job!


Thanks soo much for great comment!


Wow! Love it! Wish i could write as good as you


Warm thanks for comment!. I'm sure you write good. But how to know, I wonder if I have read yours before, unfortunately your username is unclickable so I can't be lead to your page ah. 


You have read the one i wrote about cutting


Is it clickable now?


Hey miss pretty friend, yeahh your pic is clickable now. 


Ahhh I love it!!

Chisanga franklin

I love your poem how you relate the natural and supernatural with such poetic lines, is so powerful. Kudos.
Review my latest poem too "LOVE RADIATIONS..

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