The Man Who Carried Sin

Once upon a time

When the world was fresh and new

When man could touch the sky

To tip their hand in the blue

Without burning from the sun

Where a castle shined from all lands

A King sat upon a thrown of gold.

That was stolen from the young and old

that served beneath him

The King feasted in the great halls while others,

ate from empty plates.

Word came from far off lands

of a man

Who carried on his sholder  

a boulder

which even horse or beast would lack

in strength and spirit.

The man carried the mountain on his back

and made haste toward the kingdom.

The King intrigued

would offer this man who must be fatigued

a stay in his royal home.

So when the man who carried the boulder made his way 

to the top of the palace steps

through the gallant doors.

The king waited with a smile.

"Old traveler who came who has treaded much more than a mile

with such heavy lace. To bear witness to my grace in such an unusual manner.

Why do you come carrying a gift so cumbersome.?'

The old man slumped over with boulder began to speak

"This is no gift. This burden I have bore for many years.

Comes from an ungodly drift.

That I know give back to you to life.

You are no King, but my Son. I have carried your sins, which started as a pebble,

 since your birth.

With each new on you add to the weight and gearth.

I know give back to you so no action will go without pain."

The fallen King then had the boulder strapped to his shoulder and began his own journey,

To walk until he finds redeemption from his sins.

Be warned of those men

Who do not carry their own sin




This poem is about: 
Our world


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