Man In The Stars

So close I can see him, so far I cannot reach.

But deep inside I feel him, I can feel his heart beat.

So, every night I lay, head up to the sky.

I talk to him about everything, about the moon, the sun,

the what if’s and why’s.


About the hurt and wanting to run.

About the pain and how i'm done.

I could go on for hours talking to the sky,

I could go on for hours not thinking “Is he on the other side?”


Cause I know where he is,

He is doing the same as I, He is wondering if im alright.

He prays for me as well, Because he loves me, I love him too.

We may not be together long, But I know our love was strong


And after you're done listening,

Up there in the sky,

After you've had enough,

And you're done with my love.

 I’ll continue to talk, hoping someday i’ll get a reply.

But I love you forever, And i’ll still wish on a star,

That someday,  we won't be so far.



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