The man behind the curtain

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 13:14 -- RhiIwer

The man behind the curtain

we all have one inside

we cover him up 

afraid that he'll break down our pride.

We hide behind this wall

afraid to break free

affraid to ask the question

"Who is the real me?

The man behind the curtain 

he teaches us what we should be,

The man behind the curtain

is society, you see?

We cover ourselves up

with how we think we should be 

with how others should see us 

drowning our actual selves, to a degree.

The man behind the curtain

is a tragic affair

what we have been taught was "In"

is the cause of  our own dispair. 

We try so hard 

to mix in with the lot

one day you'll wake up and notice

you're someone you're not. 

Let that man behind the curtain out

open up and show the real you

don't be affraid of what others think

be yourself and be true. 







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