The Man

Found 3 days later, 

face down in the alley, dead.

16 year old boy,

with 16 shots to his head.



the boy’s last words,

was “What did I do?”

The Man

said, “Nothing, we just don’t like you.” 



The Man

killed 6 million in Nazi Germany.

he said,

“I killed them, because they don't look like me.”



The Man

killed Oscar Grant at the station in the bay.

on the transit floor

on New Year's Day.


A Man

out with his friends marking a new start,

was shot and lie there split

like a broken heart.



The Man

shot up a church in Charleston out of hate.

He took nine lives

and yet still to this day


The Man

is being tried for murder that happened almost a year ago.

To me it sounds like

The Man, just wants to let him go.


Nine black lives

that don’t matter...

… but think about those nine families

you’ve just shattered.

Traevon’s, Oscar’s,

and Emmit’s too.

The Man should be punished,

but what do we do?


We elect him,

as our country’s head of state.

A man that speaks of women as pigs,

and being overweight.


The Man,

able to do anything with no penalty.

Should he make everything right

and how it supposed to be?


Every race coming together

without a violent scene.

If Martin came back

he’d say it’s still a dream.


But if a dream is really

just reality in disguise,

maybe The Man

just needs to open his eyes.

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Our world
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