The man

I had a messy complicated life 

Some would say it's like a blizzard everyday

But yet still …..

I love seeing smiles on the faces of others 

It makes me special 


While on a usual trip to walmart 

A man sat outside

As lonely as the sun 

A man in dark blue pants and a blue sweater 

Seeing him broke my heart 


“mommmmmmm …… what's with that man ? ” i yelled 


“shhhhh … come on” my mom quickly responded 


A couple months later when i went to high school 10th grade .  I realized that i can be the change . 

The world won't fix itself 

I started a club 

My own club 

I wanted to help those people in need 

I planned , organized , and vouched for the people that didn't have homes

I wanted to help 

We helped collect toys , supplies, gently used items, food 

When we went to the homeless shelter . 

The world stopped 

Little  tiny faces lit up 

I was as happy as them

I knew i had done something right 

And that is when i realized i was becoming an adult 

I wouldn’t let people suffer . I knew that what i had done had cost my parents . 

But yet i wanted to help

Just to see those cute kids faces light up 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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