The Man

Controversial talks aren’t always what they seem

Getting to talk about Donald Trump?

Oh, what a joy!

What a dream.


But somehow I’ve began to wonder,

I’ve seen the tables turn,

I know that Hillary would’ve brought the thunder,

And some people just never learn.


I’ve agreed to be quiet,

And to hold back from speaking my mind,

But whenever The Man starts the riot,

I can’t just act like I’m blind.


I make a noise,

People get angry,

And how I wonder so,

I wish that I could understand,

How all of Donald Trump’s

Female counterparts,

Didn’t have the urge to say ‘no’.


He is, in fact,

An ugly guy,

I change the channel when he’s on the news,



From my house, all he gets is ‘boo’s.


It’s kind of funny,

When I speak out,

All the others get annoyed,


But when others decide,

To push my feeling aside,

Am I supposed to be enjoyed?


The political system confuses me,

And it sure is out of whack,

And it makes me wonder how we got here,

And if we’ll ever go back.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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