Mama's Song (Happy Birthday Mother)

Mom as I write this I must thank you for gifting me life.
Now I'm repaying you in the love I got for you.
My endearment for you is the purest I respect you to the fullest.
You enlightened me when I was clueless.
Told me to find my own rights in this life.
Because we live in a fabricated nation.
Where everything and almost everyone is fake.
Never met a woman who is so great who really show me the way to grace.
I embrace the relationship between you and me.
You never judge me for my flaws.
And tore down the walls of doubts that surrounds me.
Your faith in me is all the security I need.
Now mother we got a even longer road ahead.
But today is your birthday.
And I wrote this to show my appreciation.
No questioning your the greatest.
Keeping my head high as we walk through this matrix.
Happy birthday mom.
The love and affection is all appreciated.


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