Mama's Baby

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 16:44 -- gibanez

Mama went to the doctors to make sure the baby was alright
It had a hole in its heart,
They said she can eliminate her pregnancy
Told her the baby would grow up with problems
Mama said no.
When the baby came out she was healthy with no health problems
Doctors were wrong.
So mama thought
18 years later mamas baby turned to be a young lady
Mamas baby made many problems,
Mama cries and ask HIM why her baby is so sad
Why was mamas baby to broken?
So empty inside.
The doctors were right along about mamas baby
She did have a hole in heart
A hole that can never be filled.
No matter how many pills mamas baby takes.
Doctors said mama could have eliminated me.
She should have done it.

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My family
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