The Making of a Queen

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 01:21 -- kcheung

Once upon a time in Wonderland,

a kingdom north called Iridia stood tall.

The happy rulers gave birth to a girl-

who's beauty grew to stand above all.


Her name was Princess Katherine

and she yearned for the most out of life.

Yet her father locked her away,

his protectiveness causing strife.


As her actions become wilder

and her desire for freedom grew,

the king's only solution

was to watch her every move.


He assigned her personal guards-

each who Katherine outsmarted and deceived.

However her newest watcher was different,

for nothing could shave him to leave.


He was young, determined, and hopeful-

a handsome and charming face.

One that Katherine couldn't help falling for

though their pairing was looked at with distaste.


Royalty could never be with a castle servant,

Katherine knew their fate.

Yet her love for him was so fierce,

that she began to plot their escape.


She begged her beloved to flee with her;

freedom was a kingdom away.

She could finally escape the life she never wished for,

they agreed that the tomorrow would be their last day.


But as they ran through the forest,

heavy footsteps chased after the pair.

The king was furious

at the betrayal by his only heir.


Anger clouded his mind

as sadness swept through his daughter's heart.

To punish her for her wicked ways,

the king turned to an ending fearfully dark.


They were brought to the city square,

where all was shouted and said.

But the king ordered his soldiers to grab Katherine's young guard,

and let out the words "off with his head"


Since that day Katherine was never the same,

soon her father forced her to marry as a Queen.

Yet on the night of her wedding

the only thing heard was a sickeing scream.


She plunged a knife through her husbands chest,

a mixture of blood and tears on the bed.

Wrecking havoc on everything in her path,

she reached her father and screamed "off with his head!"


So the Queen ruled independently, deprived of love,

conquering kingdoms of Wonderland seas apart.

Some would call her evil, insane, or a witch,

but she became widely known as the Queen of Hearts.


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