Making It


Making It   I’ve made it four years of diligent study,the highest peaks, Mount Kilimanjaro is cold, Mount Everest is colder, heights climbed yet oxygen gained?  Fundamental English, literature  arithmetic “You’d better smile” , science, chemistry school,Conquered.  Success boon, of a 4 point scale I  place a 3 and 8King of The Day.  Mommy,  Daddy each with box heads one eyes ,arm linked held tight, flash   Both brother sisters delight, reminiscing their crossing of the desert, High School buildings then and now.Streets clear, confetti rain down, crowd shout my name, accomplishment.Time for the big dinner.  Table reaching four corners of the globe, “Yes, there was some Chinese food”.  Scientific classification, it had  hoofs, that had three stomachs, the last portion over the fence.Stomachs inflate, Daddy sits telling tales, mermaids and men of his yearsShoulder bounce, laughter, roar.    32 multiplied by 5, 160 rolling,Smiles  Wait................., What’s next? I’m going to make it again.       

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