Making History

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 12:57 -- BMon

We were making history.

One thought that kept us going
as others viewed us with faces of disgust,
for we knew that the same faces of disgust
would be present upon the people reading about us.

One thought kept us going
as others sent us to the back,
as others called us unspeakable names
making us part of their cruel and inhumane games.

One thought kept us going
as we were freed by the law yet chained by society,
as others protested against us drinking the same water,
eating the same food, hearing the same music, laughing at the same jokes.

One thought kept us going
as we decided we’d had enough,
as the world looked down on us and said “No” but we stood up and said “Yes”,
as we marched through the streets and spoke what others considered unspeakable.

One thought kept us going
as we stood our ground in a city bus,
as we awaited justice’s return in Greensboro,
as we saluted the world on that Olympic podium,
as we recognized the potential of the dreams we had,
as we practiced peace only to endure endless violence,
as we fought to be no longer separate but to be only equal,
as we followed the strongest leader the nation had ever seen,
and as we watched this same leader get shot down in cold blood,
one single thought kept us going.

We were making history.


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