Is it to much to ask to make time for me .
Make me feel like I'm the only one and that when you spend a moment with me you cherish it as if its our last .
Always hearing it not always about me but for once can it be.
Make time for me like I do you make you the first person I say good morning to when the sunlight reach my eyes.
That if I'm still tried I stay up another hour just so we can talk longer and laugh.
That I waste no time that sometimes I text you in the shower so we can still have the conversation.
Make time for me in your most busies days save a spot to include me. Don't wait 5 hours to reply back to my text or say you will be right back which leads to another day.
Time is precious so don't just throw it away.
But spend some of it with me maybe an hour or 2 to talk about anything to our fantasy to the emotional roller coaster which stop at you.
Make time  because the clock stops when we are together that makes it feel as if we lasted forever.
Don't make me feel as if I'm a waste of time or something with no value to you.
Show me that your excited when you see at text from me that vibration that's says hey baby.
If I can make time don't make it an excuse that you can't do the same .Am I asking for to much if all I ask if me and you talk until night and we wake up still talking.
what we have our chargers attacked because both of our phones run died .
But never get in the way of me saying I love you when I have 1% left when 100% is what remains for you.
That you made time to share with the girl that you dreamed about finally came true .
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