make my throat bleed

when you fell from heaven you were screaming

knowing that you were damned to hell for the sins you committed

and all you wanted was someone to love you


when you hit the ground your wings snapped in half and your ribs cracked

as you wiped the blood from your nose, you prepared yourself for whatever was to come next

and you then forced yourself to live your new life, understanding that no one would love you anymore as you were no longer beautiful


you walked the streets in the shadows, never saying a word never making any eye contact

making sure that you were as invisible to the world as you could ever possibly be

and as every day passed you felt less alive

dark circles formed, you lost so much weight, scars accumulated all over your body, and you never felt anything


one day, for no reason in particular, you snapped

and just like the day you fell, you screamed

you screamed until your throat bled and tears formed in your eyes

you screamed until you couldnt make any more sound

when you finally got ahold of your senses, you examined your broken body

you could see your bones through your skin and your thighs were covered in dark lines

and for the first time ever, you cried

it mustve lasted for hours and hours


that day you realized something

that you were never alive in the first place

you died the moment you hit the ground

and you were merely a ghost walking around

no one could love you

and so you went on


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