It’s my time

But I’m not ready.

My trigger finger's pretty steady,

But to end a life is another question-

Another answer answered by another question.

Everything is too vague.

Living life in the grey

Is what I have to do now.

Only wise guys get to see the varying colors of insight.

But once they do

They’re brought to the light

And forever silenced


It’s my time,

But I’m not ready

For this new power.

Loyalty and respect shall shower

Upon me as I follow

In my father’s footsteps.

My mother’s eyes,

My grandfather’s midnight black hair,

And my grandmother’s short temper

Don’t add up to my father’s last name.


It’s my time

And I have to be ready.

I’ll live up to my family’s legacy

And take over this city.

I’ll be the definition of a Mafioso,

Living only to protect my family,

Taste the forbidden fruits of this oh so sweet life,

And bow to no man.

Standing by my word, trusted soldiers, and my wife

I shall defend my last name,

My honor,

And my life.


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