Made To Survive

Lost and confused,

Judged by you.

I hear your words when you’re not around.

I see your scowl and mocking gestures when you’re nowhere to be found.

Your cruel voice replays inside my head.

Yelling at me, accusing me, showing me what I'll never be.

I hate what you have done,

I hate the control you hold over me,

You’ve destroyed my every dream,

Left me broken and bruised,

I struggle to fight you, to push you aside,

Your never ending criticism tearing at my insides,,

Your scouring words burning my skin,

You’re crude gestures and perfect smile mocking me,

But I will replace your destructive voice with my own.

Because I am not alone.

There are others out there, just like me,

And we will fight our bullies.

We are survivors.



Wonderful write. I'm one of the others out there, just like you, but different in my own beautiful way.

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