The Machine


United States
35° 15' 44.6616" N, 85° 28' 43.7052" W

The machine
it sits behind my house at night
its eyes dimmed and its power dormant
it sits at peaceful rest
until morning

As I walk toward it its fire stirs
the smoke gently falls from it
as I slide into the seat it welcomes me
with a low growl from the heart
of this metallic beast

I guide it out onto the asphalt
it knows what I want by my touch
the eyes come alive and it sees the open expanse before us
I feel the purr as I sit completely encased by its metal frame
the moment comes
just before the dawn
our senses mesh
our hearts match the same rhythm
our eyes open at the same time
the machine is me
I am the machine

our hearts both rev at the same instant
we seek the same thing
I hold it back for a split second
then like a greyhound out of the gate
the pedal drops
i feel each gear connect
its feet itch to run and it spins in place
it spins so hard
the machine can't stay straight
as we go sideways the moment comes again
when all that we are
comes together as one
in that instant
it gains traction and freedom at once
in this moment I am no longer flesh and bone
I am metal and wire and fiberglass
in this moment this singularity takes flight
we never leave the ground
but I always remember the sound
of our hearts beating as one

completely immersed
time seems to slow and speed at the same time
our brain acknowledges the danger
and it is working so fast
that I think about how much time
it takes to react and maneuver
even before the signal for my limbs
and the machine's to move

this speed and slowness combined
can play tricks on my mind
but to this day
WE have never faltered
I hesitate but the machine doesn't
the machine hesitates but I don't
half man
half machine
together much more
together we are a team
together we fly
down every back road of this county
my car and me


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