Lyrical Insanity

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 00:04 -- lpbt

O’ hungry pagan eyes

You took my heart by sweet surprise

The love of old is left to die

Replaced by hungry pagan eyes

A lost and lonely child cries

Helter-skelter implies goodbye

Feelings I had, now free to fly

Tastes like that of mid-July

Staring back at bloodshot eyes

The tragedy, I’ve realized

It wasn’t right, I improvised

Fixated on those pagan eyes

Take my heart and hold it high

Your trophy will be my demise

You destroyed me

And I apologized

Rusted, vacant, purple skies

Lie inside your pagan eyes

No more hatred, no more lies

I’ve washed my hands, been baptized

California by tonight

Into the wild by and by

This solitude is high and dry

Innocence is a wise guy

Your gumption makes me tongue tied

And as the weak stand idly by

Into the black you’ll bravely ride

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