Lyrical Drugs

I guess the question is one thing I can't live without,

however there are many.

You see,

life is based on essentials and bare necessity. 

Oxygen, food and water,

but these are mundane.

Everyone needs these.

But what makes me unique?

What is the one thing could not possibly see myself living without?

What deprivation would cause me to go completely insane?


I can't imagine life without the vibrations echoing in my ears,

or the excellent guitar riff that shatters my bones,

or lyrics that bring me on the verge of tears. 

I would feel lost and hopeless without the claming effects of piano notes,

or the packed-in like-sardines concert venues,

where everyone attending comes together in unity,

because of this sound that a single person wrote. 

Music has brought me to people,

it has bonded us,

in no way could it ever be replaced,

there is nothing else that I can trust. 

I couldn't image a world without music,

and I woulnd't want to live in that world, either. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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