Having immediate contact with others
Ability to interrupt their thoughts
To make them focus on you
Even for just a moment

Never have I not wanted contact
Acknowledgement from another within a second
Knowing what they are thinking
What they do
Where they are
Who they are with

Dependence on words
Not on face
Or tone
Confusion takes over on occasion
Tearing up or building down everything in its path

All fall victim to it
It's ADD to all who posses such things
Even those before us are diagnosed with the plague

The intention was never to harm us
However, harm has come of it
It's an emotional holocaust to some
A disturbance to most
An only hope for many

What happened to pen and paper?
Getting things in the mail
Things that don't make use of our happiness
Taking energy from it instead

What has the love of live become?
Just what some one says with borrowed phrases from artificial minds
Emotions are fighting to stay alive
Graphics, pics, videos
What about the moment itself?

Even just "omg"
They are all acts
We just perform them
With apathy


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