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Those long nights when the only thing that wakes up is the Sun
Those long days when all you do is get nothing done
You don't sleep; you wonder if some light is touching your skin
You close your eyes hoping it will open the melatonin gates within
Your restless soul is hindered not due to your health
But rather from the constant reminders you lack luxury and wealth
People think the desire for riches is shallow, but the need runs deep
Under your feet, the juices of greed will seep
Eroding in this pool of emerald bliss
The touch is enchanting like an angel's kiss
But the moisture feeds the roots of all evil
It grows with a fervor that has no equal
Like the fabled beanstalk, it rises from the ground
A fanfare of golden brass blows a beautiful sound
The thorny vines envelop you, wrapping you in a cloak of pain
The seeds you've sown are but a mere price for what you will gain
For now, you have shifted into the fast lane
Your speakers play the tune of that glistening, golden brass
And you're cruising on Heaven's golden road at last
Your mind isn't focused on how long it will last
You could care less if your position was first or last
But God forbid that this ride be your last


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