Luxuries of Life

What makes me feel good?

Something that is understood

Accomplish the things I should

Doing all that I could


Laying on my bed of clouds

Turning my music up loud

The thought of being loved and feeling proud

Keeping the thought of it endowed


Seeing my dog and with a smile on his face

Same as my family as they are filled with grace

Beautiful sights that make my heart race

Even the thought of my friend who's now in a better place


The nostalgia of life as a 90's kid

Watching shows that included a sponge and a squid

Playing games where we ran and hid

Many other things we did


Making good changes

Having oppurtunities with long ranges

A time of being painless

With a face tear stainless


These feels goods are all in my case of luxury

Most of them are even a part of my recovery

Many more are in discovery

This stage of my life is only an introductory



This poem is about: 
My family


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