Don't you find it beautiful,
How the moon allows the sun to shine,
On her precious earth.
She loves the earth so much that
She allows someone else make it look beautiful.

She watches the earth from afar,
Admiring the lively greens and blues.
She never moves too close, but
She pulls the earth close enough to see the sparkling cities and oceans at night.
Gravity is the measurement of
Her love.

She wraps her stars in her milky gown and tells them stories of a time when the sun and the earth loved her.
She tells them about her undying love for her planet,
And the neglect she receives in return.

She is never sad,
For she knows that once in a blue,
She and earth will cross paths
And embrace in a twist of celestial passion and sparkle.
Her eclipse is what she lives for.

She will never know,
That I, one of earth's children,
Stare at her in wonder.
I am forever awestruck in her beauty.
She will never know that earth
Loves her through its own
In admiration
Every night.

The moon and her earth;
the starstruck lovers of infinity.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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