I was born lucky.

Poor, cold, and hungry.


You can't go to college


Your grandmother committed suicide yesterday, Sobbing

Your grandfather doesn't want to know of your existence

Mommy and Daddy, fighting

tears, more tears, weak little child

lucky, lucky

roaches in your water

in your moldy bed

crawling up your cheek

in your ear

by your mouth, as you breathe, try to sleep

lucky, I say



They call me lucky with envy, spite

gets perfect grades, has perfect family

she's pretty, she said

Pretty? She's gorgeous! the other one spit

lucky, they say

It's all so easy for her, college is secured

I was born lucky, they think with resentment

yes, lucky, I think. Lucky.


I was born lucky.

shelter and a bed.


if I work hard enough, I can do anything

I'm lucky for knowing this

Your sisters hugged you yesterday, alive

Your brothers laughed with you

Mommy and Daddy love me, protect. Devote.

I learned not to cry, because I am

lucky, so lucky

roaches are just insects

and what's important resides in your mind,

not your bed

or in your kitchen

I have some food, I have some water

I have some love


I'm lucky, I say.

And it's true.                   


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