Happened to me, 

Being so young, you see,

Eyes wide open, 

Everything was exciting, opportunity.


Happened when on holiday, crazy youth club, free

Finding a gold watch in some communal showers,crazy.

Handed in it, because it weren't mine to keep,

Everyone around me, saying very silly.


Stuck to my guns, honesty,

Being straight up and genuine, important to me,

Left it at that, didn't matter you see,

Later on that evening the entire centre applauding.


Life on went on, eager to be,

Playing games, one arms bandits, winning, regularly,

Bingo too was a winning streak, 

Lived for the moment, easily.


Then depression came, my luck escaped me,

Tried hard to please, everybody,

Tired and hurt, constantly,

Always seeking goals, rigidlly.


Now life is chilled, more relaxing,

Enjoying the journey,

Come what may, is what I'm about,

Prizes are coming more switftly.


What I've learnt, incredibly,

Don't think about yesterday, tomorrow, wastefully,

Today is all we have, thankfully,

Fuck pressure of doing well, its all a capitalistic scam to me. 





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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