Lucid Dreaming

All i've ever needed was the warmth of your body to cloth my naked skin

All I crave for is your thoughts from within

All i've ever wanted was to feel the contradiction of your piercing but gentle touch

Yes I know I ask for alot but it doesn't seem like much

Searching for something inside and out

I watch your face silently

And I watch patiently for the curves I call your smile that are formed by your mouth

Spent time alone feeling lost inside my head

Thought I was going crazy from not taking any meds

But all I was really missing was you inside my bed

Frowns turn into seductive photographs from late saturday night

And as we lie down I ask you to keep on all the lights

Not because i'm scared but when you sleep I think you look beautiful

And when I caress your everything I pray I  mean more to you

Doing all I have to do

I'll do whatever you want me to

Sometimes I think quietly when you lay your head on my chest

Your hands in my hair

And my hands are a mess

All I see is you i'm a feen

All I feen for is you

You're all I need

Not what it seems

You are all I see in my imagination

You're all I want so let's face it

Fixation on my dreams because they're a must

I open my eyes

Silly dreams full on lust

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

don't let dreams mislead though

continue to expand this idea and keep writing

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