Luce Prevail


United States
41° 23' 3.9912" N, 105° 27' 13.2192" W

If only for but a moment I could understand why the words on your lips enchant me so, I would be satisfied.
Or if for one instant I could count all the colors in your eyes and discover how I find myself lost in them as a small vessel in a vast ocean of affinity.
Tell me, how is it that even all alone I feel the coolness of your touch? And why is it that
Your smile illuminates the shadows that stretch out from my own questions? If life were as a single lesson you would be my teacher, educating in all things of self and love.
How can one heart touch me so deeply? I find myself contemplating the very air I breath to understand it more clearly…
As if life were a new concept to me; being able to see as you do, before and above common intellectual.
Like a bright star, you are incessant and steadfast. You stand for all things of power in a world entirely your own, yet
You complete my melody; a harmony more beautiful and passionate than innocence.
If I could, for a short hiccup of time, understand how you can be so plain, while being so mysterious; I could rest.
How can only one soul have the strength of legions in nothing but laughter? In you I see a testimony to the capability of one mind.
Beliefs and ideas so firm they fortify an entire empire of disillusioned impossibilities. To me they are utterly dreams, but answer me, how are these merely inspiring challenges to you?
How can a man, subject to the elements of this life, have so much potential not allowing himself to be confined by negligible boundaries?
If I could comprehend your ability to love so purely I would be content; although,
Perhaps I am better off not knowing the answers to my questions.
I find new pieces of your intricate puzzle each day and I try to put them together in a course to better understand you, but I cannot. It is beautiful. I love you


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