The loyalty in my words but not in my delivery

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 23:33 -- HollyB

Wrapped up in an ever incasing silence

The sound of my heartbeat is the same of my fingers

Drumming on my head

Thinking and writing

How can I pursue you?

What will it take to make you understand that

Your mere essence in the same room

Send a shiver through my bones

And puts my eyes in a trance.

How can I put anything in to words

When my tongue is as tied as my stomach?

Eyes locked on you

I cannot move for even the simple task of walking

Is too much to comprehend

My dearest love and my sweetest sonnet

I shudder at the thought of you in anothers arms

Faith and virtue all tangled up on the tip of my lips

And your smile

Dear God that smile

Love could not exist without the hope that your smile gives me

That feeling in the depths of my soul makes me know

That without a doubt there is such a thing

As that four letter word

Those three words

So hard to say but the thing is that the warmth your heart radiates

Conveys those words to me

You don’t have to speak them.

But will you show me?

Show me what love and passion is like when embedded into

A human being with a heart as open and mystifying as yours

And if my words do not pursue you

And if my verses do not convince you of my undying loyalty

If you were to be mine

Then I will be fine with turning back

If only you could promise me one thing

That someone else can love you better than I


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