loving is in your blood

Wed, 04/29/2015 - 21:29 -- Bravo

someone once told me you don't even know what love is
but they were wrong cause all I do is laugh love live
I use to hate cry and always wish that I would die
i wouldn't walk a mile in my shoes if I could choose to fly
rip through sky like a soaring eagle
avoid the path that leads to more than evil
adoring people
but abhorring lethal
that'll leave one scourged
I was born a regal
a black Prince but don't take offense
the grass is greener on the other side
just hop the fence
they tried to divide and conquer me from my dreams like willie lynch
I'm in the trenches like a vet
fighting til there's nothing left until my death
I'm giving my all that means my very best
I've been impressed
but with the impression
that i will be impressive
I gotta push my productivity
and be progressive
I got a message that I know I need the world hear
I can't be timid like I'm living in a world of fear
because I care for the souls of friends and foes alike
we're in the dark and all I ask, can we approach the light ?
part take in everlasting water
throw out dirty sprite
I'm trying to take you king
please don't try to take my life
I was lost until I sought
and i discovered truth
knowledge is better than gold
you will discover soon
you can make a billion
but you can't take it with you
many people believe .
but keeping faith's the issue.

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