Loving You

When I look at you

I feel my heart going a hundred miles

Well maybe it is

When I hear you talk

It makes my world spin fast


But it also makes my thoughts spin

And I feel like loving you is hard

Since I can't stop thinking of you

And I get this weird feeling when seeing you


But loving you is hard on me

Sometimes I avoid you cause I can't look at you

Because you give me the butterflies

I know I can't get you outta my mind


Loving you is driving me crazy

And seeing you everyday hurts

Cause I know loving you hard

And it is a secret I need to keep

Loving you is a secret that needs to be hidden


Loving you is what is in my mind

I know I feel love for you

But like I said loving you is hard

I know I am truly loving you

To where I need to avaoid you


It's just to keep the secret hidden 

Because loving you is hard and painful

But I am loving you no matter what

So here I am feeling my heart go a hundred miles


And this time I am sure it is when I see you walk perfectly

And loving you is hard

But I'm still loving you forevermore 

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Moonlight Diamond

Great Poem!!

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