In Loving Memory Of My Nana (1947-2008)

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 04:10 -- Kvnfish


Honestly, It doesn't really seem like it's been four-years

Even If I cried I wouldn't know If I had any more-tears

The only thing I want in this world only is just you-here

Don't wanna see me this way, I know it isn't allowed

I wanted you to see me grow up, and make you proud

There's a Hole that I'm in, still trying to dig myself out

I always pray that you're getting taken care of by Jesus

My mourning starts soon as I start picking up the pieces

How can you be in my life so long and just leave-us?

I want you here Nana, I could finally be breathing-again

It's never gonna happen, I'll keep grieving-with-my-pen

Everything was bottled up inside, of course I would-cry

I couldn't say I love you with out even saying good-bye


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