The Loving Game


Everyday I am told that I am loved
But, do we only say that because that's what we've learned, it's our nature, right?
I am told that I am loved but, it doesnt always feel that way
Love is just a word, it's the feeling that really makes you feel loved
I am told I am loved so why do I feel so lonely?
What would I feel like if I was never told I love you?
Maybe the feeling is better if you're told your not loved
Maybe you feel and want love more
Hearing it everyday doesn't make you feel loved
Love is like the sun rising and setting everyday, It happens everyday
It loses its feeling and meaning
So love? Does I love you lose meaning after hearing it all the time?
We have to fight for love but, when we have it why don't we want it anymore?
Maybe you can't actually love someone, maybe it's just a word
Then why do people make it look like they love each other when their hearts are telling them different
Doesn't it seem like the people least loved, love the most.


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