Loving a Flower

Today I found a flower

It was wilted and brown and alone

So I took it and nourished it

I gave it water, food, and company

I gave it time and space

I gave it patience and hope

Because I love the flower

Everyday the flower sprouts a new petal, a new leaf

It grows brighter and happier and radiates peace

The flower thanks me and I thank it

For teaching me patience

For providing me comfort

And for allowing me to grow with it

Does the flower love me?

One day I felt weak

It was the flower’s turn to take care of me

It was there to support me when I woke up

It was there to keep me safe when I went to sleep

The flower listened and helped

And soon I was strong once again

I think the flower loves me

The flower and I are playful with each other

We’re honest and loyal

And at times we spoil

We help keep each other balanced and protected

We fight, but we mend it

No matter what the case

The flower and I enlace

Because the flower loves me

Because I love the flower


This poem is about: 
My community


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