Love....What is It


Love ....What is it? Is it a game? Is it a hobby? Or is it just a game?

Love is cold too cold to bare

ones eyes can barely see through love

being in love is an eyeful

an eyeful of hated, betrayal, and heartbroken

through everything you manage to say I love you

when there is no love in you to spare

throwed around as a toy

love to me has no joy

as she would love me no love was in me to love me

 I can see that finding love is wasteful

wasteful as saying I love you with no meaning

to me its a game that has not yet been turned off

or a ticking bomb that has not been set off

she's the bomb and I want to be her explosion

but without our love there is no erosion

the game that I am playing never cease to end

so why start something that's never meant to be

or finish to the end as she would say

why love or to be in love  when he does'nt love himself

as much as he loves her

heart broken to a tragedy 

falling in love is that tragedies match

falling deep down into the game called love

why can't it just be real and not something to drive me so insane

as I continue to lose I find myself back at  stage one asking

What Is Love??






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