Love's Paradox

The insanity drives me gradually,

Until I'm forced to wonder,

What is the source of this?

Could it truly be that, which I 

A small, naive girl

Affectionatly call love?

Can that which

Unites lonely souls,

Binds away painful tears,

Consumes the mind in joy,

Ignites passions,

Also go dark side?

Unite fists and flesh,

Bind away smiles and laughs,

Consume happiness,

Ignite the fires of war?

We love because we care

Yet argue bitterly,

Saying it's base is affection

Rather than pent up worry.

Love means trusting,

Believing in another,

Even to the point of sacrifice.

It isn't afraid to stand

And sound the trumpet.

But how can it be love

If hatred results?

How can the remedy

Dually be the poison?

These thoughts run

Until sleep arrives,

Pushing the problem

To another dawn.


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