Love's Lesson

Born from craddling arms and tender kisses,

love sprang to life.

And by way of rigid rules and confinment to rooms,

the rebel girl was tamed. Despite

their heart's affections,

my parents governed sternly.

Yet a boy's love came more appealing, 

as he saw no imperfections. 

Riteous intentions with careless hands

and I lay shattered from the fall.

Still, deeper I wandered down the shameful alley

until my tired soul was forced to withdrawl. 

"Unconditional", mom and dad had said.

Their love was with out bounds.

No limit.

No end. 

The call went through after two failed attempts,

and my chest heaved wildly with shaking regrets.

And listening I heard their echoing cries

that showed me the love I had been unwilling to accept. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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